Graphical NOTAM software for the UK

NavPlot is a program to download and format low level (less than FL100) En-route and Navigation Warning Notams from Eurocontrol EAD Basic. The software creates a PDF file to display a map of Notams in a format suitable for glider pilots on thermal cross country flights. You can see an example here


3 December 14 - EAD have changed their server configuration. Old versions of Navplot no longer work. Please install the latest version.


For Windows users there is a setup program to install the latest version of NavPlot.

The software has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Using the software

Before using NavPlot you must register with the Eurocontrol EAD Basic website. Your username and password should be entered on the Settings tab of the program.

IMPORTANT - From the EAD Basic home page select the “My Profile/Password” option and make sure Application Access mode is set to “Simple Mode - plain HTML”.

Eurocontrol have a stupid password aging policy. Every year your password expires and must be reset. If you get an error message telling you to check your password try logging in directly to the EAD Basic website

By default the software plots a map suitable for use in the Midlands and South East England. Other areas of the country can be plotted by changing the map coordinates in the Settings tab. The coordinates set the lower left corner of the map and its width.

NavPlot is not meant to replace an official briefing - it should only be used as an aid to interpretion. Don’t blame me if you go somewhere you shouldn’t have gone after using this software!


3 Dec 2014 - Version 0.5.4 EAD website changes.
3 Jul 2009 - Version 0.5.2 EAD website changes.
19 Feb 2009 - Version 0.5.1 Improved error message.
14 Feb 2009 - Version 0.5 EAD website changes.
9 Apr 2008 - Version 0.4 Changed Notam data source from NATS to EAD.
18 Jan 2007 - Version 0.3.2 Airspace update.
8 June 2006 - Version 0.3 Display RAC’s as well as NAVW’s.
19 Feb 2006 - Version 0.2 Added airspace data.